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 how to make your own command prompt!

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PostSubject: how to make your own command prompt!   Sat Mar 28, 2009 7:11 pm

Hey, this is what i do, so i thought why not just tell everyone who didnt already know and wants to be badass with their own cmd. First open up notepad and pase this :

@echo off
break off
Title (ENTER THE NAME HERE) Command Prompt
color 0a

echo Type "home" any time to go to the current user profile directory.
echo Type "desktop" any time to go to the current user desktop.
echo Type help to see list of common commands like cd, rd, md, del,
echo ren, replace, copy, xcopy, move, attrib, tree, edit, and cls.
echo Type [command]/? for detailed info.

echo Directory: %CD%
set /P CMD=Command:
if "%CMD%" == "cls" goto cls
if "%CMD%" == "home" goto home
if "%CMD%" == "desktop" goto desktop
if "%CMD%" == "red" goto red
if "%CMD%" == "green" goto green

goto cmd

goto cmd

goto cmd

cd /d %SystemDrive%\DOCUME~1\%USERNAME%\Deskto p
goto cmd

color 0c
goto cmd

color 0a
goto cmd


DO NOT enter that lines(------------), anyways heres basically what it does:

By entering the colors Green or Red you can change the color of the text fast.

Typing Home resets any erros you have done. basically thats all their is to it, you can use this as your own custom cmd plus you can practice code on it. Also make sure to delete the (ENTER NAME HERE) i put, your suposed to delete that and enter what you want the title to be. You can always add more colors but im just giving green and red.

but i guess you can have these: here are some other colors ;D

0= black
1= Blue
2 = Green
3 = Aqua
4 = Red
5 = Purple
6= Yellow
7 = White
8= Gray
9 = Light Blue
a = Light Green
b = Aqua
c = LightRed
d= Light Purple
e = Light yellow
f = Bright White.

to add another color simply enter this code in the .bat(edit using notepad)

color 0COLOR
goto cmd

Replace :COLOR with the name of the color
and 0COLOR with 0 then the letter/number of the color.

Also Make sure under echo directory you enter this:

if "%CMD%" == "COLOR" goto COLOR
so that it wont error and you can switch to any color you like Very Happy

Enjoy Very Happy

Rep me if you like it XD!

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how to make your own command prompt!
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