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 My Dev App?

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PostSubject: My Dev App?   Sun Mar 29, 2009 12:42 am

Name: Roberto

Age: 17

Country: USA, New York

Desired position: Assistant Manager.

Languages you speak: Italian French English Spanish

Website: www.*gamerz.net

E-mail: brobo32@aol.com

Msn: robertorr212@hotmail.com

Coding Languages you know: C++ (still learning), HTML, GFX

Coding Experience: .php SQL injections.

XIII EDIT: Nice php Injection script... mostly cause its our security problem.>>

Coding Softwares you use: Unix/Lenix/CodeGear RAD

Designing Experience: Items, Maps, GFX

Designing Softwares you use: Photoshop CS3 and 4, Geometry sketchpad for maps... and items..3DS Max 9.0

Online Gallery/Portfolio: Dont have one but here's some work..
An Edit.

mediafire.com ?xo2lqiroquc

Do you know how to create .ani files?
No But i can learn

Do you know how to create .elu files?

Have you got Photoshop?

CS3 and CS4

Do you have nVidia DDS plug-ins?

Do you know how to unpack/pack a .mrs file?

Do you know how to encrypt .mrs file?

Do you know how to work with Hex Workshop?

Do you know how to edit XML files?

Can you create GunZ Maps?
Yes. XIII is teaching me more.

Are you good at GTKGradinet?
Yes. Again xiii is teaching.

Experience with map lighting [light map]:
Here is one i've done..

Do you create your own textures?

Mapping/textures Gallery URL:
Don't have one, but I posted it up there.

3D Modeling Experience:
3DS Max 9.0

3D Modeling Softwares you use: 3DS Max 9.0

Online 3D Gallery URL:
Don't have one.

Personality: I'm fun, smart, wiling to learn more about gunz, editing and programs, I love gaming, but I'm no nerd, I played state soccer for 2 years..I love sports, and I'm an easy person to get to like.

Do you speak English well?: Yes.

Communication ability: I'm always willing to help others and if they don't speak English I can use one of my other languages to help them get to know what they want to know.

Are you mature? : Yes, unless at times I make jokes.

Pros: I'm cunning, love to learn, love to make new friends, and I love to help others.

Cons: I can get frustrated at times and give up on work or projects I'm doing, but I've gotten over that habit.

Do you know anything about database setup, MySQL server or WAMP:
Yes I posted it up top.

Do you have TeamViewer?

Why do you want to apply for that position?: I think that I can help the server, and I will do all my work when needed and I will keep everything on time.

Anything else: Just hope im accepted.
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PostSubject: Re: My Dev App?   Sun Mar 29, 2009 4:27 am

I think you've got enough experience to be staff here, probably a better app than 80% of what I've seen in my life, but applying for Assistant Manager? I just don't think that's very realistic. You'd probably pass as a Dev

Jah, I dun't think so Butters
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PostSubject: Re: My Dev App?   Sun Mar 29, 2009 12:10 pm

Hired as Developer.

Welcome to the team roberto!

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PostSubject: Re: My Dev App?   

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My Dev App?
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