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 ApexGaming Rulez

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PostSubject: ApexGaming Rulez   Sat Mar 28, 2009 2:48 pm

These Rules apply to Everything.

Do not Hack.
Do not spam out of spam forum.
Do not double post.
Do not post repeated topic.
Do not abuse glitches.
Report all bugs.
Do not tolerate poor behavior, if someone is threatning you let us know.
Do not insult the staff.
Do not dis obey the staff.
If a staff is abusing do not be afraid to report them.
Do not false accuse someone of doing illegal acts when they clearly aren't.
Do not insult the players.
Watch your language.
Do not post Cracked Programs.
Do not post hacks to other servers.
Do not post hacks to our servers.
Do not post Virus's.
All Posted Downloads must be scanned and the report shown.
Do not glitch any part of ApexGaming.
Do not whine.
Do not complain if you loose your character etc.
Be Mature.
Stay Away from flaming.
Do not budge into others people fights keep it to yourself.
Do not start hate topics or post hate threats.
Do not loose it over this community.
Always Remember to vote for us!
Dont Beg For Staff Postions.
Dont ask to become a staff.
Dont try to get your way out of trouble.
If you are caught doing something illegal, its better to tell the truth then hide it.
Dont lie.

You are allowed a maximum of 3 warnings-

However, Hacking is an automatic ban, as well as Abusing the System or glitching.
If you do ask for a staff position out of the application section or fail to meet the requirements, and or do not post your application in the correct format, you will be automatically denied and not considered for staff.

Remember to obey all these rules and us as a community can get along just fine.

Thanks, Raymond.
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ApexGaming Rulez
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